About RaceChip

Take your ride to the next level!

ACES PERFORMANCE AUTOMOTIVE was established in 1997 and began operation as a used car dealer based in Bandar Sunway. Our headquarter is situated in Selangor, Malaysia. Aside from being a used car dealer the company also became sole distributors for innovative automotive tuning products from reputable manufacturers. Among the notable names were NOVITEC, KingDragon Filters and various chiptuning modules. During the early years of operation Aces Performance Automotive was also a reseller for products from other established tuners from Europe and the US like MTM and APR products. Additionally, the company added a spare parts division catering mainly to OEM parts for Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche cars.

Why RaceChip?

  • +30% HP AND TORQUE1
  • up to 15% less fuel consumption

RaceChip - Tuning for a New Generation of Drivers

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