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About RaceChip
In 2008, Manuel Götz made his passion for automobiles his career: RaceChip was born. Since then, a continuously growing team of vehicle enthusiasts and engineering fans have worked with passion to develop products and forge ahead with new innovations that give our customers the best driving experience possible. Power, dynamism, and innovation are our priorities, and with our technological expertise combined with our willingness to blaze new trails we've been able to guarantee sophisticated products and absolute customer satisfaction.
Discover a whole new driving experience with RaceChip Chip Tuning.
  • Up to 30% More Power
  • Up to 30% More Torque
  • Superb Mid-Range Punch
  • Stronger Acceleration
More power, greater torque, superb mid-range punch, stronger acceleration, and quicker responses: you'll love the new characteristics RaceChip chip tuning will give your car. Access your car's power reserves. RaceChip tuning doesn't simply turn everything to the max, it optimises intelligently within your engine's design limits.
Modern engines and chip tuning from RaceChip: the perfect match.
More power from almost any turbocharged petrol or diesel engine. Chip tuning improves power output primarily by electronically optimising the fuel injection system. Forced induction on petrol engines can be by means of a supercharger or turbocharger.
Plug & Perform
This is the performance enhancement of today.
Today's engines are controlled electronically using software. RaceChip's plug-in devices access this software via specially developed minicomputers which are as advanced and sophisticated as state-of-the-art OEM systems fitted by leading manufacturers. This is the only way that RaceChip's optimization software can register, optimise and relay the sheer number of parameters involved and maintain the high product quality we are committed to. Our customers are often amazed by how user-friendly our high-tech products are, though. The technology is sophisticated, but the installation is quick and easy. And the driving experience is fantastic.
Progress through high-tech.
RaceChip is the market leader.
Our highly specialised engineers devote themselves to the complex process of developing processor-controlled tuning boxers. That's why we are experts in electronic performance enhancement regardless of manufacturer. Our quality standards are as high as any OEM supplier. That's why our products pass the most rigorous testing, and why we sell over 100,000 chip tuning products every year and have satisfied customers in 135 countries around the world.
RaceChip XLR5
Driving dynamics as you want.
We developed RaceChip XLR5 to increase responsiveness on the road. Our innovative throttle tuning system lets tune your engine's reactions to your taste and drivers can choose from 7 separate stages. The engine's performance isn't affected by RaceChip XLR5, but you can access it more immediately and directly. Experience significantly sharper responses for yourself - no waiting for the message to get through or frustrating "pauses for thought". And the best thing: installation is simple and requires no specialist knowledge. Try it now!
ACES PERFORMANCE AUTOMOTIVE was established in 1997 and began operation as a used car dealer based in Bandar Sunway. Our headquarter is situated in Selangor, Malaysia. Aside from being a used car dealer the company also became sole distributors for innovative automotive tuning products from reputable manufacturers. Among the notable names were NOVITEC, KingDragon Filters and various chiptuning modules. During the early years of operation Aces Performance Automotive was also a reseller for products from other established tuners from Europe and the US like MTM and APR products. Additionally, the company added a spare parts division catering mainly to OEM parts for Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche cars.
With years of hands-on experience with regards to tuning parts, ACES PERFORMANCE AUTOMOTIVE can inform, assist, and guide customers to navigate the right product to provide an exhilarating and value for money tuning options such as RaceChip. Not only does the company stock what is the very best brands in the tuning world but only sell what they believe in and know to be the best. With the new business module, ACES PERFORMANCE AUTOMOTIVE main function is to distribute high quality performance auto motive products. The company’s commitment to supplying its clients with the best advice, highest quality products and all of the brands that clients have come to know, and trust doesn't change or waiver, but the way we present the information to you continues to evolve.
Currently ACES PERFORMANCE AUTOMOTIVE have over 200 dealers in Peninsular Malaysia including Sabah Sarawak. Products represented by Aces Performance Automotive are also exported to Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, and South Africa. The success of Aces Performance Automotive tuning division is testament to a business which is built around the expert knowledge of its staff and passion for car enthusiasts in all its forms.