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RaceChip GTS


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1-1 RM 4,155.00 RM 844.00

Phenomenal performance and quality

The bestseller. A completely new optimization software with enhanced engine-specific adjustments, high-quality hardware as well as a comprehensive service and warranty package will make every driver’s heart beat faster.
+30%HP1 +30%Nm1
Premium components Up to 15% fuel savings Optional App control

A new driving experience in your own car with RaceChip
Power : 367 HP (series) / RS + 67 HP
Torque : 520 Nm (series) / RS +123 Nm
0-100 km/h : RS 3,9s / 4,5s (series)
Getting the figures: Mercedes-Benz C 43 with RaceChip performance upgrade.

RaceChip in the real world

Compare the acceleration of the Mercedes-Benz C 43 AMG with and without RaceChip.

Fine tuning is the key!

Even nominally identitical engines often perform slightly differently. This can be down to manufacturing tolerances, the number of kilometres covered or the quality of the fuel. So that your RaceChip works perfectly with the engine in your car, we have developed fine tuning mappings. They mean that you can fine tune your GTS or GTS Black to match your engine’s performance and characteristics perfectly. The app control feature lets you download the pre-programmed settings right from our servers.
  • 7 fine tuning mappings for a gradual custom-fit
  • Easy to control by Digital User Interface
  • Perfect adjustment to your wishes

More performance via smartphone

The Race Chip app lets you set up your car as you want; just select the tuning stage from your smartphone. The app can also deactivate the RaceChip, returning the car to stock tune. App control for your RaceChip is available for just RM500.
  • 3 distinct performance modes
  • Adjustable warm-up timer
  • Individual fine tuning mappings
  • Automatic updates
  • Advanced service features
  • Integration with RaceChip XLR

Technical specifications

Performance & fuel consumption
  • Up to 30% more power and torque1
  • Up to 15% fuel savings

Service & Warranty
  • 2-year product warranty

  • Motor-specific software: v2.0_RS
  • 7 fine tuning mappings
  • Engine Protect System+

  • ARM Cortex-M3 processor
  • Up to 7 analogue and digital channels
  • Chip electronics with Nano-Protect
  • Pro-grade connector (FCI)
  • Ultra-resistant composite housing
  • Pro fixing system
  • Dimensions (mm): L 112 x W 113 x H 36

In the box
  • RaceChip GTS chip tuning module
  • Wiring kit
  • 4 fixing clips
  • 4 cable ties
  • User’s manual
The figures quoted showing power and torque increases are index values, i.e. the real figures may be higher or lower.

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